Is Sienna Miller Aware She Needs to Be Able to Sing to Act in a Musical?

So, Sienna Miller has this strange habit of yammering on about pretty much nothing. Now she’s convinced that she’s the next Mary Poppins and wants to star in a musical.

Can’t sing? No problem. Can’t act? Not an issue. All she needs to do is give up ciggies and alcohol:

"I am looking at a musical role. I plan to take singing lessons and I know I will have to give up my bad habits, such as booze and cigs. A role has been offered but I can’t say any more now."

I think the "role" she’s been offered probably is similar to this:

I mean, they sing, they dance, they….sort of…act. I think she will be perfect for this one, PLUS, we won’t have to hear her speak. Much.

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