Is Heidi Montag Overdosin'?


In another crass attempt to promote season four of "The Hills", Heidi Montag gave us all an eyesore. These are pictures of her filming a video for her latest single which is "Overdosin'".

When asked by Ryan Seacrest on what the song's all about, here's her utterly witty reply:

Overdosin'' is about "when you fall in love with someone... and [you're] just overdosing off of their love.

Oohhh-kay. I can probably stand the fact that her new single sounds exactly like her previous single "Fashion" – but what I can't take is her continuously unexplainable popularity.

If this 80's "Fame" inspired hullabaloo is not enough to make you puke – then maybe you do deserve a fourth season of Heidi and Spencer and everyone else on that smarmy reality show "The Hills". Enough already!

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