Is Disposable Fashion Killing the Planet?

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This weekend my girlfriend and I were in Target, where she found a $12 pair of shoes that looked way cooler than the significantly more expensive, boutique-bought pair she had on. Cool shoes for 12 bucks? Score! Even if they don't last, it's worth it when it's so cheap, right?

Maybe not. A recent report from researchers at Cambridge University found that the rise of the "fast fashion" industry -- stores like H&M and Target that sell cheap, trendy clothes that aren't designed to last -- is a growing source of the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

While some stores are working toward more eco-friendly ways to produce clothing, many feel that shoppers trying to keep up with ever-evolving trends aren't likely to cut back on consumption.

What about you? Would you be willing to look less trendy to save the environment, or is the allure of cute, cheap clothes too much to resist?
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