Introducing: the Burberry Knight Bag

July 25, 2007

Introducing: The Burberry Knight Bag
Fresh off the lot from Burberry, and it’s not dressed in the traditional check-print but rather an army of pyramid-shaped studs - Introducing the Knight Bag. Seems like now-a-days when people think Burberry they think check, Louis Vuitton they think of the monogram, Coach the double C’s, Dooney the DB, and so on. I for one am on a monogram-signature-ban. I’m resisting to purchase anything with the signature plastered across the body of the bag (hah, lets see how long that lasts).

This Knight-newbie for Fall is a little bit pricier than the traditional Burberry bag, but I think it’s worth every penny. The suit of the armor bag is dressed in black leather with metal pyramid studded nickel hardware detailing. The mouth of the bag features a double zip top closure that slides open to reveal the black satin lining.
Discover the Burberry Knight Bag
Price: $2995

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