Interview with Brittany Hatch

The latest eliminated contestant, Brittany Hatch, marks the 9th castoff from cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model. Brittany sat down with Buddy TV to talk about her experience on the show. Check it out!

How did you get involved with America’s Next Top Model?

Oh boy. My friend told me to go out for casting and I told her I’d try out if she swore to me that she’d never ever, ever, ever bother me with modeling again. And she agreed, so I tried out again.

Were you a big fan of the show?

I had never seen the show before I tried out.

Did you have any prior experience with modeling prior to the show?

No I had never modeled before. My mother actually drug me to New York when I was about 14 and had me meet with agencies and I had a few offers. But because I was 14 and my mother wanted me to do it, I wanted nothing to do with it. (Laughs) Stubborn 14-year-old.

On last night’s episode, Dionne made the comment that you used the whole short-term memory thing as an excuse to stay on the show last week. Do you have anything to say about Dionne’s remark?

That really is an ignorant remark to make. Overall, especially from someone that does not understand brain trauma or short term memory versus long term memory. Long term memory, which would have come in part to the acting challenge, has something to do with where you commit something to your memory, and therefore can recall it. We had two hours to memorize that script. With short term memory, it is a two to five second window, in which you can recall and regurgitate something and then you lose it. And it’s that two to five seconds that you recall something, and so when we were given cue cards, I was completely incapable of using them because I would read them, look at the camera, and then have no idea what I just read.

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