Inspirational Home Decor ...

Blend the old good memories, the today's accomplishments and the best to come through motivational/cheerful phrases...simple 'pull over and smell the flowers' reminders.

Harmony Plaque - Tomorrow
Made of real stone and hand-painted. This wonderful plaque capture poetic harmony using words of inspiration, romance and friendship combined with unique style of design. A perfect inspirational gift and unique home decor. $41.00

Real stone & hand-painted smile stone - friends
Our stunning new Smile Stones are a wonderful and whimsical display of Words and images to make you Smile. They're fun and light-hearted sentiments make them a perfect home decor to any room. Made of real stone and hand painted, each design hangs vertically (10.5" high by 2.5" wide) from a beautiful knotted black satin cord. And their unique shape, add amusement and charm to a small space where other art just can't fit. $20.00

Sponsored by Miego, inc.

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