Inspiration & How to Find It - No 5 - Make a Bold Statement

Don’t be scared to make a bold statement when decorating any room in the home. Just choose the colours you are sure you want to live with and then add one or two bold items.

Look at the Bedroom, it’s white with one wall decorated in a dark plum to match the bold pattern on the duvet cover. The table lamps then just add the one extra colour to bring it all together.

The Lounge is simply painted in white with white and glass furnishings, then all of a sudden there is the feathers on the screen to give that wow factor. Notice how the purple tulips stand out in this otherwise colourless room.

The Small Kitchen Table is sits in a room painted in lovely neutral shades but the table is painted in a lovely acid green.

The Child’s Bedroom painted in an eau de nil shade has a fabulous bright green mural painted onto it.

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