In Life & Style Now: Britney Says: I Hate You, Mama!


Getty; Wenn

Britney Spears looked miserable leaving LA club Les Deux on July 14. “She

was fighting back tears,” says one eyewitness. In the past, when times were

tough, Britney turned to one person: her mom, Lynne Spears. But now that’s

all over.

Brit's convinced that Lynne is plotting to help Kevin Federline gain sole

custody of their sons. And their relationship has degenerated so much that

on June 28, before the singer delivered her now infamous note demanding

Lynne stay away from Sean Preston and Jayden James, she was shaking with

rage. “As she wrote the note,” says a friend of Brit’s, “she was saying,

‘You’ve got it coming, Mama. I really hate you.’”

Is Britney being paranoid, or does she have reason to worry? Can she and

Lynne ever repair their relationship?

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