IMBB 17: TasteTea Roundup Part VIII


Exactly one month after the actual event, we're down to our final round up. Needless to say, we've been around the world dozens of times, and have seen tea used in so many different ways.

We begin the farewell leg of our tasteTea tour in Seattle where Jason Truesdell experiments with different uses for matcha. He concocts an elegant three course meal, beginning with green bean, lotus root, and carrot tempura garnished with matcha salt. Next, Jason incorporates matcha into the sauce for a Matcha Cream Pasta that combines potato gnocchi, edamame beans, and matcha cream sauce. For dessert, weโ€™re treated to a decadent Matcha Cheesecake, garnished with a creative sour cream-matcha topping. A truly wonderful meal showcasing the versatility of matcha.

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