IM-Me Safe Girly Messaging Machine

The gimmick of the IM-Me instant messenger is not how many people can be accessed and messaged through it; it's how few. Designed for children (well, okay, girls, since no eight-year-old boy would be seen dead with a pink and purple accessory), it is deliberately limited to messaging only people on a pre-approved list.

It's a pretty pink handheld PDA with an LCD screen and QWERTY keyboard that interfaces with an included RF dongle (correspondingly pretty) designed to be attached to the USB port of their parent's PC. Phew. It is designed only to work within a small range of the PC and therefore to be reasonably under parental control.

Sounds like a good toy for a day when you have no choice but to bring Girlie to the office.

Product Page, $64.99

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