Iglooplay - Cool, Not Cold ...

copyright: Lisa Albin Design Used to be that contemporary design meant cool, austere palettes and angular lines. Not exactly the kind of treatment you want to give your child's room. Now-a-days, it seems "modern" has been experiencing a thaw; and with the warm sun comes a "budding" of vibrant colors, wood finishes and organics forms. Case in point: the amoeba-like shapes of Iglooplay. Conceived by RISD grad Lisa Albin, they're a wonderful combination of ingenuity, imagination, and ergonomics that will inspire both you and your children. The centerpieces of the collection are the versatile tea pods, pictured above. The componants of this “movable system” are made of durable high-density foam, and can be flipped for use as a stool, side table, ottoman, bench, lounger or anything else that little minds can dream up. (I soooo wish I had these when, as a child, I was constructing one of my many indoor forts!) Pods are available in a multitude of colors and finishes to meet your design scheme. The smaller piece also comes with a removable tray for yet more options. (And talk about long life. I can totally see these going on to become a conversation piece in some college dorm.) copyright: Lisa Albin Design Iglooplay also makes a child's “lima bean” play table available in two sizes, as well as the adorable rocker above. Each is specifically proportioned for a child, and designed to promote creative play. Yes, when it comes to modern design for children, I for one am glad for a little global warming. [...]

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