I Can't Drop Upside down - Mashup!

hey hey! it's thursday which means another hot mashup pick from the always eclectic **DJ paul v.** - he mentioned to me he'll be having robyn stop by his radio show this week and it just so happens i will also be seeing her on saturday night when she plays her first los angeles gig at the troubadour! (i heard from two of my NYC pals - hannah & victoria that robyn kicked ass at her new york show!) of course i'll be posting about robyn's show - so stay tuned! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

It seems like people feel like showin' some love to Genesis lately. Never the hippest band on the planet - but a guilty pleasure for many, eh? There's been lots of mashes with them going on, and this one is a nice treat. You might not ever imagine a pasty Brit like Phil Collins getting down with either Diana Ross or the Ying Yang Twins, but our kooky Austrian buddy DJ Schmolli does, and that's who he has bumpin' hips together on the dancefloor.

Listen to **DJ Schmolli - I Can't Drop Upside Down** [.mp3 5mb]

Enjoy! - DJ Paul V.
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