Hugh Grant off the Hook


Remember when Hugh Grant took out his frustrations with the paparazzi by throwing a tupperware container full of baked beans at a photographer, and then chased him down and kicked him Bridget Jones style? He was arrested after the incident, but charges have since been dropped. Britain's Crown Prosecution Service said that "there is insufficient evidence to charge Hugh Grant with any offense in relation to an allegation that he kicked a photographer. This is because there were clear discrepancies between the accounts of independent witnesses and those of the photographers involved." The bean-throwing charge was dropped because "prosecution would not be in the public interest." I can't say whether the photographer deserved the bean attack, but maybe the police didn't see the pictures of Hugh kicking the photog in the shins? Rarely is an incident captured on camera like that, and still insufficient evidence? I'm just not sure what more they could find. Maybe it's because he missed in the kicking attempt ...

Source: Yahoo