Hug Shirt Lets You Transmit a Hug


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When time is short or distances are great, we often wish we could just "beam" -- skip the commuting traffic by beaming yourself from your home to your office, "beam" a pizza from the place down the block, or even beam yourself across the country because you miss your family.

While the Star Trek technology for transmission is probably not going to happen anytime soon, the Hug Shirt from CuteCircuit gets pretty darn close to "being there" in an instant. The red patches on the the Hug Shirt are actually sensors that pick up data about pressure, skin temperature, heart rate, and duration when you touch them. The sensors transmit the data via Bluetooth technology to your cell phone, then delivers the data to the person you're "hugging." Not sure what happens when the other person isn't wearing his Hug Shirt -- does it go to a hug message? In any case, the Hug Shirt is cool enough that it was nominated for Time Magazine's Best Invention of 2006, and it's not too geeky looking either.

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