How to Sell on EBay IV- Complete an Auction

Now, your item is up and ready to go. Before you hit the list button, there are few more things you might want to think about.

Of course Paypal is eBay's best solution. But I personally bad a very had taste with Paypal. It is great for buyers due to the buyer's protect policy. However, it is not doing much flavor to sellers. You can still lose your fund within the 45 days of transaction. That's how I got scammed by someone and I decided that I just have to stay away from it. You can choose whichever is most convenient for you whether it's electronic transaction or old school methods like Western Union and money order.

You might want to offer insurance option to your buyer to ensure any possible lost.

Return policy
A good return policy might help you close the deal. It is extremely important if you want to get some return customer.

eBay offers you more options and add ons for you to improve your listing traffic. However, everything comes with a price. Some like adding a gallery might perform better than others. You have to figure out whether the promotion expenses are worth the effort.

There, you've got yourself an auction! Good luck!
However, I do have few more points to add on about how to sell on eBay. Things like how to fight with fraud... what to do if your auction ended without any bid... We are going to do a FAQ in the next entry for those topics. Stay tuned.

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