How to Scrap More in 2007

I was browsing through my favorite scrapbooking feeds when I came across this wonderful article by Ria Mojica of Scrappin’ Moms on how to scrap more in 2007 and I’d like to share it with you:

1. Edit and Print Pictures in Batches. I Try to Schedule Editing Time Every Week. with 3 Kids, I Need to Edit at Least This Often. I Have Decided Not to Play around with Different Sized Pictures and Sticking to the Standard 3r, 4r and 5r Sizes. Focal Point Pictures Will Be in 5R, and Supporting Pictures Will Be in Wallet Sizes. I Will Choose My Pictures Carefully and Print Only What I Intend to Scrap. the Pictures Are My Main Inspiration, so as Long as I Know I Have Great Pictures to Scrap, I Will Be in the Mood to Scrap

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2. Organize Your Supplies

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