How to Maintain Healthy, Beautiful Nails


I've always envied women who can easily maintain their long, polished nails. It may look easy but maintaining them requires such an effort. Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your nails.

First, always use rubber gloves when washing the dishes, doing the laundry or any other cleaning or gardening activity. This is especially true if you have just gotten a manicure.

When slathering lotion on your body, generously apply the same lotion on your hands and nails. They will not just keep you hands soft, but they are also a great way to strengthen you nails.

Take care of your cuticles, always keep an emery board handy and always use a clear polish to add that extra sheen if your nails are short.

I personally prefer to keep my fingernails and toenails short, which means that I only need to keep them trimmed and painted with clear polish.

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