How to Lose 11 Pounds in a Week without Starving to Death ...

I don't know a single woman **(we are not talking about clinic cases of thikness) **who doesn't want to lose at least a pound just to make sure that she can have a guilt-free piece of chocolate cake every now and then...

And guess what? ** Lo****sing weight is not that difficult, girls**! Especially if you have certain deadline**** to look forward to **(in a week your boyfriend returnes from his business trip and you want **to impress him **with a NEW YOU or you have already booked tickets to Hawaii and want **to look your best on the beach...)

The secret to your dieting success is TO REMEMBER why you are doing this **and **TO REALIZE **that the muffin you see on the grocery shelf **is not the LAST MUFFIN ever baked! You want to lose weight and feel good about yourself, so why not to let that muffin stay there until you achieve your goal. And once you do - you'll sure be able to have one every now and then.

If you take this frame of mind, the rest of it is just a piece of cake! :)

Here is what you should** rememb**er:

1. ** Eat 4 times a day, **not more.

2. **Try not to eat 2 hours **before bedtime.

**3. ****DON'T EAT UP **everything you have on your plate: as soon as you don't feel hungry - DON'T EAT any further. I used to split into 2 everything I had on the plate, and then would eat just half of that. Listen to yourself once you eat that 1st half - are you still hungry, or just feel like eating the rest not to throw away the good stuff? Once you know what your perfect portion is, you'll just have that exact amount of food every time and you will not be over-eating.

**4. ** Make your schedule busy, **laziness is what provokes fake hunger i**n the 1st place (just keep yourself as busy as possible, even with fun things like shopping, movies, hanging out with your friends...)

And here is the list of products to eat that will help you lose 11-12 pounds without even noticing it!

1. Oatmeal with Honey (just Pour Boiled Water into It and Let It Stay for 5 Min Covered with Something, after That You Can Add Cut Pieces of Fruit and Honey). the Funny Thing is That It Really is Delicious and Useful (it Improves Your Skin as Well as Helps Your Stomach Start a New Working Day!)

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2. **Any Fruit **(personally I Prefer Bananas and Oranges). but do Not Overdo with Peaches, Bananas and Grapes, They Contain Quite a Numer of Calories!

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3. **Any Vegetables **(try Not to Add Any Special Dressings, Olive Oil Will do Well)

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4. yogurts with 2,5% of Fat or Less

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5. green Tea, Fresh Squeezed **juices **instead of Sodas (sodas Are Evil, Girls, They Give You a Bunch of "empty" Calories That Later on Turn into 100% Fat)

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6. White chicken Meet or fish

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7. soups

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8. **a Lot of Water - **drink as Much as Possible and You'll Notice How Your Appetite Goes down. Make Sure You Drink a Glass of Water 15-20 Minutes before Eating and You'll Feel Full after Having Only Half of the Food!

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9. ** Honey** - I Know This Does Not Sound like the Best Dessert, but Once Your Sweet Tooth Kicks in, Don't Run to the Freezer for the Ice Cream or Chocolate Bars - Those Are Also Super Bad for Your Diet - Just Make Yourself a Cup of Coffee with Milk (or Latte or Capuccino), or a Cup of Hot Tea and Have Some Honey with It... Once You Are Done You'll Feel like You do Not Want Any Sweets!

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**Example: **

** **

**breakfast: ** a bowl of oatmeal (described previously), a green tea with honey
**lunch: **a bowl of chicken soup, a glass of juice, a banana
1st dinner: fruit or vegetable salad, water
2nd dinner: strawberry yogourt (2,5%), a green tea with honey

So, that is the way I lost 11 pounds in a week, probably, **you'll manage to lose more **(Every other day I ate a little tiny chocolate - couldn't resist the temptation:) Flesh is week, as it is said :) But if you decide to make **your flesh **look good without any harm to your health -these tips will come in handy!

YOU GO GIRLS! :) Good luck!

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