How to Know if Your Handbag is Real or Fake


Have you ever bought a branded bag for a discounted price (or perhaps for a steal) and you have that teensy weensy feeling in the pit of your stomach that it may be a fake, a mere replica of the real thing after all? Hereโ€™s a video for you to know if your purchase is the real deal or not:

Check out the video:

When buying a branded bag, just remember these fast facts:

โ€ข knockoffs or fake bags usually have bad stitching and the leather doesnโ€™t feel right to the touch. Real, quality leather is soft and pliable.

โ€ข if the tag or label of the bag looks funny or if it has misspelled words (yes, itโ€™sKate Spade and never Cate Spade!) then chances are you got a knockoff

โ€ข the real thing usually comes with a sturdy box and durable dust bag (my authentic Louis Vuitton came with an official brand name box, tissue and pretty durable dust bag)

So tell meโ€ฆhave you ever thought you bought an authentic bag but realized that you only had the replica?

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