How to Have a Better Relationship ...

**By Shannell Graham **

A few sure fire way to have a good relationship:

1. Eye Contact.

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When you are talking to your mate tell him to look you in the eyes. Good eye contact shows that not only do you have their undivided attention but also that you are going to get a real response.

2. Be Honest

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I cannot stress this enough. Even if you did something wrong, tell the truth. Women or man, they can handle the truth, lies hurt a lot more then you think.

3. Creativity

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Dinner and a movie is a classic; however, it might leave you wanting more. Try something new, something that will excite you both.

4. Romance

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Romance is how you keep the fire burning between you and your partner. A romantic dinner for two, a weekend away from it all (this doesn’t mean that you have to leave your city, maybe just disconnect from the outside world.), or even make a night of it (dinner, dancing, a walk in the park, and home to be alone with each other.

5. Most Importantly Be Yourself.

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Don’t try to be something that you’re not for one it’s hard to keep up the lie and two the person already like you. Yourself is wonderful, yourself got this person to agree to go out with you.** Don’t lie about who you are** (see number 2)

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