How to Dress for a Job Interview ...

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If you're hoping to nail your dream job, you better come to the job interview prepared, motivated and best of all – appropriately dressed.

Remember that you're selling yourself and your skills when you're meeting a prospective employer – so you should present and dress yourself well.

For women, here are a few tips:

• No minis! Your skirt should decently cover your thighs when you sit down.
• No fish stockings! You want to nail the job, not the --- (never mind, lol).
• No shoes that are too sexy. Closed shoes, not too high heels should be fine.
• No cleavage. Again, it's the job that you want to nail – so don't show too much skin.
• Classics are always appropriate.

Now, take a look at some of our** top picks for the items** that you can wear to that all-important job interview:

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Knee-length skirts are always appropriate for the office – not to mention that this particular length is considered trendy for the fall season.

Shown here is a** Donna Karan** sculpted jersey slim skirt. The classic pencil cut, streamlined look and the color of the skirt will match any office jacket that you are planning to wear.

2. Classic Pencil Dress

Again, classics rule when it comes to dressing up for the office or for a job interview. This Bottega Veneta wool pencil dress is classy, structured and formal enough to be worn to a job interview.

Wear it with or without a jacket – you'll do fine with both.

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