How Personality Patterns May Affect Weight Loss


Did you know that your personality has something to do with whether you will succeed or not in a particular weight loss plan?

According to WebMD Health News, the reason why some people are more successful than others when it comes to weight loss is because their personality has something to do with it. It’s not a matter of how many calories you burned or how much time you spend on the treadmill.

The experts say that there are seven types of personality patterns which are linked to eating. This includes the following:

β€’ Meal skipper: often skips meals

β€’ Nighttime nibbler: munches at night

β€’ Convenient diner: eats out often

β€’ Fruitless feaster: skimps on fruits and vegetables

β€’ Steady snacker: snacks a lot

β€’ Hearty portioner: eats big portions

β€’ Swing eater: swings between being a dietary "goody two-shoes" and then lapses

For this category, I probably belong to the convenient diner – so I eat out often – what’s the surprise?

Actually, you do need to relate these personality patterns and make it fit with a lifestyle plan that fits your personality profile.

Here are some final words that you can probably live by:

Calories still count, but each person has his or her own path to reach a healthy weight, and it takes awareness about your past and your personality to find your unique path. That awareness may help you stay the course, and as Robert Kushner says, "The more adherent you are, the more likely you are to be successful."

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