Hottest Pics of Rebecca Romijn!

Rebecca Romijn is the kind of woman who will make your head turn once, turn twice and then a third time. She is extraordinarily stunning and a pretty good actress too! With all that and more, this Victoria’s Secret supermodel/actress is high up there on the list of hot women!

Rebecca has such a perfect face. We love the intensity combined with that almost **evil sexy **slight smirk. No wonder she was picked to play Mystique!

Rebecca has the perfect body to pull off a bikini like that (lucky her!). Sand,sea and that sizzling hot body? Hot? We think so!

This shot makes us want to see Rebecca on roller skates! We love the retro clothes…specially the golden hot pants. Very disco…and definitely super hot!

Rebecca looks as hot in black and white as she does in color. Glamorous diva is the appropriate word here. We love the intense look in her eyes. So captivating and sexy!

With that tanned bronze skin and that outfit, Rebecca looks like a sexy beast on prowl. She looks so empowered and fierce, that we almost want her to give a loud growl!

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