Hottest Photos of Megan Fox!


Megan Fox is definitely among the prettiest young starlets of today. She has a long way to go as far as her acting career goes but with a gorgeous face like hers and a fair amount of talent, we definitely think Megan will carve a niche for herself soon enough.

Few women have the body of a goddess...Megan is definitely in that list!

We love the slinky brown dress on Megan. Positively hot!

What else can we say but that Megan has curves in all the right places!

If we were to define stunning with the aid of a picture, this would be the winner for sure!

Beautiful dress, piercing blue eyes and a radiant smile leave us extremely satiated!

If that didn't leave you wanting more, we don't know what will! If you love this pretty (and funny) woman (like us), click the links below to your hearts content! We promise you will not be disappointed!


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