8 Hottest Men in Country Music ...

While I’m not much of a country music fan, I must admit that the genre does seem to enjoy a trove of crooning hotties… in fact, some of the hottest men in the music industry are country singers! So I’ve been listening a little, and doing some digging (and drooling!)… here are the 8 hottest men in country music (in my very humble opinion, listed alphabetically)… is your fave country hottie on this list? Keep reading!

1. Jason Aldean

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This country cutie was born and raised in Macon, Georgia, and the sounds of the south come through in his music. I actually really like the duet he recorded with American Idol Kelly Clarkson, and I’m not the only one — five of his singles, including the duet, “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” have topped the Hot Country Songs chart.

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