6. Face Shape: Diamond

Flattering cuts: A blunt, shoulder length cut, Wispy bangs in long hair, Wavy, chin length hair

Cuts to avoid: Anything shorter than your cheek bones, Anything with too much volume

Celebrities with this face shape: Kate Moss, Sophia Loren

Face Shape: Diamond

I have a diamond face, and I originally hated it. I didn’t think I’d ever find a hairstyle that suited me, and deliberately avoided hair dressers for about two years! Then I found my current hairdresser, who despite me wanting only a trim, spent hours cutting wispy bangs and floaty layers into my hair, while keeping it long. I loved it, and he was thrilled that he’d made me love hair again!

He made me realise that you may end up with a bad haircut sometimes but it's hair. It will grow back! My only issue with my hair is that it is difficult to style, though, as too much volume makes me look like I’ve slept in a wind tunnel.

Whatever your face shape, it’s important that you love your style! Find celebrities with the same face shape as you, and look through their past styles. Celebrity inspirations for hairstyles are the best! Visit your stylistwith pictures that you like, and make sure you ask for tips on how to style it to make it as hot as possible! Have you got a tip on what styles suit which face shapes? Please share it with me! Don't forget to see what other readers are saying over at Twitter.

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