55 Hottest Celebrity Men of 2010 ...

Time for a tribute to the men who haunt our daydreams and inspire our imagination. It is practically impossible to include everyone's favorite on this list, which is why we had a week long readers poll to give you an opportunity to pick your favorite Men for Midweek Buffet…" href="http://allwomenstalk.com/6-hot-men-for-midweek-buffet/">hot men. Here's presenting the new and improved list of Hottest Celebrity Men, now with your picks of celebrity men we simply had to have on this list.

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It's hard for me to see Daniel as hot because I'm such a fan of the Harry Potter series and I've literally seen him grow up. But I won't deny that he's definitely budding into this gorgeous, sophisticated young man who is at the base of it all a brilliant and intelligent actor!

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