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55 Hottest Celebrity Men of 2010 ...

By Sheila

Time for a tribute to the men who haunt our daydreams and inspire our imagination. It is practically impossible to include everyone's favorite on this list, which is why we had a week long readers poll to give you an opportunity to pick your favorite Men for Midweek Buffet…" href="">hot men. Here's presenting the new and improved list of Hottest Celebrity Men, now with your picks of celebrity men we simply had to have on this list.

50 Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel RadcliffeIt's hard for me to see Daniel as hot because I'm such a fan of the Harry Potter series and I've literally seen him grow up. But I won't deny that he's definitely budding into this gorgeous, sophisticated young man who is at the base of it all a brilliant and intelligent actor!

49 Ricky Whittle

Ricky WhittleI admit I know nothing about this British actor or his show Hollyoaks. All I know is that God must have been in a really good mood when he decided to bless him with his looks. He was nominated for sexiest male actor three years in a row in the British Soap Awards. Enough said!

48 Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia BernalI know I've seen him somewhere! I just cant quite figure out where. But apparently he's a brilliant Mexican actor and director that women can't stop raving about! And he looks intriguingly hot. That's about all I need to put him on the list...

47 Hayden Christensen

Hayden ChristensenI know squat about Star Wars but I do know that Hayden Christensen sizzled as Anakin Skywalker. It's hard not to love his golden locks and his adorable face! May the force (of hotness) be with you...

46 Orlando Bloom

Orlando BloomI guess most women are attracted to his boyish charm and pretty boy looks but to me he's hardly the epitome of hot. Maybe if he

"manned up" a little. But until then...

45 Tom Welling

Tom WellingI've never watched Smallville or anything else starring Tom Welling. All I know is that he's some serious eye candy and that's how any superhero should be!

44 Jared Leto

Jared LetoJared has this whole androgynous thing going on and I can see why that appeals to a lot of women. He's stunning no doubt and I loved his heartbreaking performance in Requeim for a Dream! And....he sings!

43 Josh Holloway

Josh HollowayThere's only one reason I watched Lost beyond Season 1 and that was James Sawyer. Bad guy turned good guy turned romantic... Awww! Dear God, if I'm ever stranded on an island, please let me have Josh Holloway to keep me warm on cold nights :D

42 Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregorEwan has the jawline of a Greek God! And eyes that can make anyone go weak in the knees. Let me borrow Joey's (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S) words and say Ewan McGregor is 'stop eating HOT' which is like the highest degree of hot! :D

41 Cam Gigandet

Cam GigandetAre bad vampires hotter than mere mortal bad boys? I vote yes! Hell yes! When he's not playing an onscreen vampire, he's busy being a yummy daddy to his two adorable girls, Dominique and Everleigh. A..

40 Josh Hartnett

Josh HartnettI know he loves his bachelor life. But c'mon when you look that hot I can see why you wouldn't wanna "settle down". Josh Hartnett's sex appeal lies in his slightly disheveled look and those strangely attractive eyes and that jawline!

39 Kellan Lutz

Kellan LutzNow here is an ogle-worthy vampire! Sure he's not as sensitive or as romantic as Edward Cullen. But if you're looking for raw hotness with few words, Kellan is your man!

38 Jensen Ackles

Jensen AcklesJensen's not really a personal favorite but I can't deny that the sensitive yet hardened character he plays on Supernatural does add to his hot yet sweetnatured appeal.

37 Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael MurrayIt is hotties like Chad Michael Murray who make watching television worthwhile. I know for a fact that Chad aka Lucas Scott is the only reason a lot of the female folk even bothered with One Tree Hill. Sigh! You will be missed...

36 Eric Dane

Eric DaneIf only all doctors looked like that! Eric Dane is undoubtedly one of the hottest televsion stars of our times. *gets dreamy eyed* or should I say steamy eyed :D

35 Milo Ventimiglia

Milo VentimigliaHere's the deal. Milo is not quintessentially good looking. I don't care what you think but that's that. What he does have going for him is this quiet, mysterious, almost evil thing that makes him so damn irresistible!

34 Tom Cruise

Tom CruiseI know his glory days are long gone but barring a few "incidents", I still think he's quite a hottie. And with Katie and Suri, they make for one beautiful family. For the record, I think he was a way hotter vampire than Pattinson could ever be. Ha!

33 Paul Walker

Paul WalkerPaul Walker is fast, furious and seriously sexy! I don't mean to objectify men (maybe I do :p) but how can I help myself when someone looks like that?!

32 Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys MeyersI'm on the fence with Jonathan. I mean, yes he is incredibly good looking. Yes, I'm in love with his penetrating blue eyes. And I could stare at him forever...But isn't he just a tad feminine? Just a wee bit?

31 James Franco

James FrancoI always thought James Franco was more sweet than hot but seeing him in the Gucci ad may have slightly changed my mind. Not to mention the intense GQ spread...I knew he had it in him!

30 Will Smith

Will SmithIt's hard not to love him...big ears, gooofy smile et all. He's such a gentleman, an amazing father and a great husband and the ravishing good looks don't hurt either.

29 Jude Law

Jude LawAgreed that he used to be way hotter back in the day but somehow even with his receding hairline, I still find him gorgeous! Is it his eyes? Is it the accent? Is it his talent? Or just the fact that he is so damn pretty?! A little bit of everything I suppose...

28 Justin Timberlake

Justin TimberlakeWe love men who can dance! And so what if he's a better dancer than I could ever be. I admit, I didn't care much for him back in his N-Sync days but he has been slowly rising up in my sizzling men list. Go JT!

27 Clive Owen

Clive OwenAnother classic example of men who age like fine wine (whether naturally or not, I'm not entirely sure). Sophisticated, sexy, with a voice that will melt you like silly putty, Clive Owen is definitely scorching hot!

26 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprioFrom pretty boy to yummy man/brilliant actor, Leonardo's journey has been pretty impressive! Afterall, if a guy can get the hottest women in the world to fall for him, he's gotta have something going on!

25 Chris Evans

Chris EvansIf he's hot enough to play the Human Torch, he's hot enough for us! Flame on and err...God speed?

24 Colin Farrell

Colin FarrellThis Irish bloke is sooo hot (albeit in a rowdy, nasty way). So he's not exactly the kind of man I'd wanna end up marrying but I'd be content with much less I promise. He's among the few men who evokes thoughts in my head that I'd rather not write here. Growl!

23 Ed Westwick

Ed WestwickAnother soapland hunk that makes me look at the heavens and go "Good job!". I don't know if it's the fact that he plays a bad boy or that he publicly admits that crazy things start to happen when girls get too close to his neck but Ed oh Ed, you make crazy thoughts run through my head. Aww! he even brings out my inner poet :D

22 Javier Bardem

Javier BardemJavier is the kind of sexy that makes me wanna tear off my clothes and throw myself at him! But what adds to his appeal is that he's a brilliant actor and maybe the fact that he's dating Penelope Cruz. These two could rule the world together ;)

21 Gabriel Aubry

Gabriel AubryHow lucky is Halle Berry?! I mean look at him! He's the kind of gorgeous that fairy tales are made of. Sigh...No wonder their little girl looks like such a doll! :D

20 Daniel Craig

Daniel CraigSeriously, are British men just inherently sexier than their American counterparts? I could go on about his piercing blue eyes or his rugged good looks but I'd rather think of his chiseled body in tiny blue swimming trunks.Mmm...

19 Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeoufWhen my friends first started to swoon over him, I was like really? Him?! But I think I finally see it. Women love them bad boys and women love them geeks (well the goodlooking ones anyway) and Shia is undoubtedly Hollywood's best looking geek!

18 Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake GyllenhaalObviously Natalie Portman was kidding when she said "He's perfect. Too bad he's ugly". No Jake! You're not ugly. Far from it infact. And he isn't afraid to take risks. What more could you want?

17 Ryan Reynolds

Ryan ReynoldsOk I'm sorry but I just don't see it. Yes he's a looker, deliciously tall with a body to die for but hot?? Blah! Does everyone think he's hot just because Scarlett's with him? Hot enough for Scarlett should be hot enough for us I guess.

16 Gerard Butler

Gerard ButlerMen in warrior clothes make me go Yummm! And while 300 was full of unattainable hotties, Gerard Butler kicked all their asses by a mile and then some more. Btw, don't we all want a Gerry from P.S I Love You? Awww!

15 Eric Bana

Eric BanaMaybe I'm a wee bit biased here because he played Henry De Tamble in The Time Traveler's Wife and that is my favorite book in the world! But you've gotta agree that he is utterly handsome and sexy! Wonder who else thought he was hotter than Brad Pitt in Troy...

14 Channing Tatum

Channing TatumI know you guys are going to think I'm blind but I really don't see why Channing Tatum is "soooo hot!". Yes, he has a great body but who in Hollywood doesn't? As for his face, I think it's nice but haven't we all seen better? He has lovely eyes but..meh...that's about it...

13 Bradley Cooper

Bradley CooperEveryone loves a funny guy especially when he's super gorgeous! Don't miss those exquisite eyes! Watching him in The Hangover

made me wish I had a teacher like that back in school. Oh well...excuse me while I go day dream...

12 David Beckham

David BeckhamOkay I know he seems a little prissy sometimes but when you look like THAT, all is forgiven! You do remember the Armani ad with Beckham looking divine in his bare essentials right? Do I hear you say yummy?!

11 Brad Pitt

Brad PittThere's something really attractive and endearing about men who are all about their families! I think it's about the hope it gives normal women like us. I was heartbroken when Jennifer and he didn't work out but I now think he's way better with Jolie. They're a gorgeous couple really!

10 George Clooney

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney is the kind of hot that transcends generations. Translation? My mom thinks he's just as hot as I do. He's probably the only guy whose salt & pepper look makes me go Yumm! Makes me wonder though...would he be just as hot sans the hair?

9 Chace Crawford

Chace CrawfordAh! He's so devastatingly gorgeous! I would say something corny like, "If looks could kill..." but I won't. Love his eyes! Love his scruffy hair! I think I wanna make babies with him someday..

8 Zac Efron

Zac EfronI hate High School Musical with a passion! I hate Disney for subjecting us to that torture and more (in reference to Miley Cyrus). The only saving grace was Zac Efron. Look how pretty! His nose is a little off but when a girl looks into his gorgeous blue eyes, I doubt she's looking at anything else...

7 Taylor Lautner

Taylor LautnerOh why won't Bella see what I see?! No really, Edward shirtless v/s Jacob shirtless. Is that even a competition? He also seems so down to earth and sweet in real life much so that I'll ignore the not-so-manly laugh. Go team Jacob!

6 Chris Pine

Chris PineI've always thought Chris Pine was kinda cute but he went way up on my hot celebs list when I saw him as Captain Kirk. And apparently that's when everyone else started to notice him too. It must be the whole men in uniform (or should I say spacesuits) thing...

5 Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey JrI love big, strong, sexy (iron) men like Robert Downey Jr. Yes, he was (is?) a little reckless in his personal life what with being arrested for driving around naked and all that but I'll overlook that.I can't wait to watch him in Sherlock Holmes. It looks sooo good!

4 Robert Pattinson

Robert PattinsonNow, I know a lot and I mean a lotttt of you think Robert Pattinson is hot. I just don't see why. Hottest vampire? Sure! But that's only because vampires aren't real. *evil laugh* Maybe if he shaved and had a shower every now and then. Oh I've had it now. Hate mail here I come :D

3 Christian Bale

Christian BaleThere's something very raw about Christian Bale that is impossible to resist. How can you look into those intense eyes and not get lost in a fantasy world of spandex clad superheroes, magicians and psychopatic killers (yes,I'm strange). And strictly acting wise....what amazing talent!

2 Hugh Jackman

Hugh JackmanMy favorite sex man err...X Man = Hugh Jackman.He just seems to get hotter as the years go by. He's hot when he's intense. He's hot when he's a romantic. He's hot with clothes on. He's definitely hot without them. I recently saw a Wolverine action figure somewhere and he was still hot! Must.have.him.

1 Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp to me is everything a man should be! Then again, if every average joe was like that, we wouldn't really care for him would we? Sigh...Men really do age better. Btw have you ever watched a bad Johnny Depp movie? Ok, don't answer that (or mention his quirky-yet-hot fashion sense). Let's just maintain silence and worship the hotness that is Depp...

1 Vin Diesel

Vin DieselI've always had a big thing for bald men and Vin Diesel could easily win the "Hottest Bald Man" contest, if there was ever such a thing. Let me not even get into the intricate details of his yummy body. I just want him to sweep me up in his big, burly arms and carry me far far away.

2 Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano RonaldoOkay, so it was a crime to not have Cristiano on this list in the first place but hey, better late than never right? Maybe I would have cared more about football if it had more divine men like him!

3 Chris Brown

Chris BrownI always thought Chris was adorable...till the Rihanna incident that is. I know everyone makes mistakes but somehow he's lost his charm as far as I'm concerned. But looks like he still has many fans considering he's third on our poll and third on Billboard's Sexiest Man in music poll (in no particular order of importance :p)

4 Mario Lopez

Mario LopezOfcourse, ab-tastic pretty boy Mario Lopez had to have a spot on our list. Not a personal favorite but I can't ignore his often photographed, close-to-perfect shirtless self. Congratulations to him and girlfriend Courtney Mazza on their first baby together!

5 Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne JohnsonOf course, Dwayne is raw, masculine and H.O.T but he also has a certain endearing quality about him that I love. You could be the hottest looking man on earth but at the end of the day, without humor, it's all pointless. No?

I hope you liked the new and improved list and found it more inclusive. Afterall, it was based on your opinions. As always, would love to know what you think of it!
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