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Long and wavy hair style is The Hair Style of 2009. Spring-Summer 09 fashion shows were full of tall stunners with gorgeous long wavy hair. And most importantly, this year the waves should look as natural as possible! Either with heavy layering, or some layers around the face, or even with the same lenght a-la-Demie-Moore style, the waves are rocking 2009.

Find a good hair stylist and listen to their ideas about styles and techniques that'll work best on your hair, while complimenting your face.

Unexpected texture and length might differ and the angles can range from soft and gently sloping to an extreme plunge Along with the layers, asymmetrical bangs are hot, and whether they're cut blunt or heavily textured, a sloping bang adds interest and can highlight your features nicely.

You can part your hair on the side too, for a flirtier, sexier look ...

Long wavy hair with multiple layers is a very popular trend among celebrities. Victoria Secret's Trio: Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen and many other supermodels have opted for this gorgeous hair style.

Reality show personality Kim Kardashian, singers Shakira, Beyonce and Alicia Keys, the Olsen sisters, Mischa Barton, Lucy Liu, Amy Adams and so many many other celebrities went for waves with layers too...

And surprisingly, this hair style looks great yet different on all of them! Here are our favorites!

Victoria Secret Angels:

DIY Technique:

Before bedtime, mist just-washed, damp hair with a leave-in conditioner and a volume-boosting aerosol spray (an aerosol spray will dry soft, and won't leave hair hard and crunchy). Then twirl one-inch sections of hair into spiral braids and let them dry overnight.

Short on time? Here's how Fashion Week tress masters create the look in a crunch: Wrap one-inch sections of hair around a medium flatiron, alternating the direction each spiral.

β€œYou're just kind of haphazardly wrapping pieces and dropping them,” says Harry Josh, a hairstylist and spokesperson for John Frieda. β€œWhen you shake them out you'll get a really nice, loose, ropy wave and it'll hold all day.”

-"Elle" magazine

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