Hollywood Purse Hooks ...

March 23, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Deysa

Hollywood Purse Hooks
How annoying is it when you go to a restaurant and you have no other option but to place your handbag on your lap or on the floor because there are no available seats next to you? It’s even more aggravating when you know that the floors are dirty, or when dining out, you jeopardize spilling food on your little one. I’m pretty sure it’s a problem that most of us bagnistas have experienced. Well guess what I recently discovered? Meet Hollywood Purse Hooks, the answer to this common dilemma!

Hollywood Purse Hooks is an As Seen On TV product, (oh how those infomercials talk the consumer into buying their product). As I watched their presentation on TV, (and as a person with this constant problem), I knew I had to purchase this item, and oh now handy it has come! This product comes with two purse hooks (a silver plated hook and a gold plated hook) adorned with a large gemstone for decorative purposes. A navy blue velvet carrying case is also included. Each hook is capable of holding up to 35lbs. of weight, and can also be used to hold clothes, umbrellas, belts and more. If you’re interested in the Hollywood Purse Hooks, you can BIN or Bid on them here: **eBay**

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