THE Look:The 3D mouth.
Darker around the edges, going lighter to the bottom of the bottom lip.

THE Color to have: Cherry Red

Red lips are always a chosen look for the holidays, but what makes this holiday any different? You get to choose. Because all versions of red lips are in!Pick a favorite and your look will be 'in style'. Listen to the podcast for application and makeup tips for a perfect holiday red lip!

stained to
matte to

In this Podcast:
How to find the perfect red lipstick in the store.
The layering lip pencil technique.
How to soften your lip line.

1. The Stained Red Lip

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Lip Pencil applied in layers helps create a stained lip that lasts.
A different way to stain your lips? Apply a powder blush in the shade you want to your lips over a lip balm with your finger tips. The powder gives a very matte stain effect.

3CC Lip Liner, Cool Red

Vincent Longo Lip Stain with SPF 15 Lipstick, Starlet Red

2. The Matte Red Lip

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On the Podcast:How to apply a perfect lip with an eye shadow brush.

Sue Devitt Studio Kolinsky Sable Eyebase Brush

Keep your lipstick slightly lighter than your lip pencil and why.
How to blot your lipstick perfectly every time.
How to fix your lipstick mistakes.

Awake Stardom Full Plump Lip Pure Creamy Lipstick, Classic Red

3. The Glossy Red Lip

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On the Podcast:How to keep your lip gloss from blending into your lipstick.How to create shine on the lip so it stays on.

girlactik Beauty Star Gloss For Lips, Ooh La La Red

Listen to the Podcast.
Holiday Makeup - The Red Lip
23 minutes

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