Brooke Mueller Pregnant?


good afternoon! i normally don't like to start rumors yet when i saw these recent pics of charlie sheen with his fiancee brooke mueller in las vegas (nov 16th) i couldn't help but notice that she does look pregnant! the dress she's sporting is totally along the lines of jennifer lopez's 'hide the baby bump' flowy & loose fitting outfits from the past few months - plus i do recall seeing an interview with mr. sheen that he'd like to have more kids...maybe the couple got started early? i could be completely wrong but you have to admit it does kind of look like she could have charlie's bun in the oven! i wonder what his ex-wife denise richards would have to say about this? she's still somebody i'm not crazy about at all - not that charlie is an angel but she irks me to no end - ugh! (at least her former BFF heather locklear is happy with jack wagner - i love them as a couple!) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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