7 Hints on Wearing Nude Dresses ...

Now don't jump to conclusions-the LBD is still in style!!! But we have a new little twist for this season and it's the LND. Little Nude Dress. My honest opinion of them? They are very chic and classy, they can go from girly to edgy, from sweet to sexy, and they are appropriate for anything from the office to a party. But there are a few hints on wearing nude dresses that YOU need to know before you start stylin'! The object is to avoid being arrested yet look so amazing that people come up to you and ask what your style secrets are! So, are you ready to achieve it? Here are your 7 hints on wearing nude dresses!

1. Details, Details, Details

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The LND with ruffles and sweet little bows has a girly appeal that guys love and girls envy. But you do need some edge to that sweet sticky sugar? Add some fierce details like a leather bag, some rocker shades, a leather belt, or some studded flats. Even a denim jacket or bangles would mix in fierce signals with the sweetheart vibe.

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