Henry Cuir Metro Tote

I've always liked Henry Cuir bags, I look at them every time I'm at Barneys but it wasn't until I saw this bag that love was felt and I needed to take her home. The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless and you can just sense that the entire bag was made by hand from the way it looks and feels. And how can you possibly resist the adorable embroideries? I especially love the little doggy, his name is Cane. I just can't get over how cute it is!! Unfortunately, it's not on this bag but this bag is amazing in other ways. The bordeaux is the perfect red for a bag that is practical. I love bright red bags for its boldness but the downside is that it's hard to wear. The bordeaux, however, is great for all your Fall colors and will brighten up the most drab winter days (yes, I live in the Northeast). Another thing that's great about this bag is its depth, meaning it's not an abyss into which all things disappear and not to be found when you need it. It is also wide so when you open it, you can see everything that's in there. Brilliant when you have baby socks, toys and sippy cups to sort through before you can find your makeup pouch. The quality and simplicity of this bag, with just the right amount of fun, will have you loving it forever. If you live in Japan, you can have a custom bag made with your choice of style, stitching, color and embroidery. They only take orders twice a year, June and December so it's coming up. I might have to send my friend in Japan on a shopping mission. Metro Tote $1665, available at Barneys (212.826.8900). [...]

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