Hello Everyone!! My Favorite Season


Hello Everyone!! My favorite season, fall, is just around the corner and boots in all shapes and sizes are going to flooding into the stores this season. One thing to think about when shopping for the perfect boot is height. If you are like me, the higher the better, 4” inches at least. The amazing and very talented Christian Louboutin has done it again, but this time he has perfected the boot. His Platform Wedge Boots sold at select Saks Fifth Avenues are a simple yet sophisticated way to spice up any outfit this season.

Or if you are the type of person who would rather not roll an ankle while walking down the street, go for the shorter wedge boot. Just as stylish but risk free. I suggest the Juicy Couture Wedge Boot with Shearling accenting the top. Very comfortable and won't break the bank!

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