7 Healthy Steps to Get Rid of Holiday Fat!

So it’s January and you’re standing on your bathroom scale wondering how the heck you gained a monstrous ten pounds and more importantly how you are going to get rid of holiday fat. The good news is that getting rid of holiday fat is usually relatively easy. These pounds are temporary additions that will disappear with a little effort, restraint and oodles of commitment. Here are a few Healthy Steps to Get Rid of Holiday Fat.

1. Stop with the Holiday Leftovers

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The first healthy step to getting rid of holiday fat is to stop snacking on what got them there in the first place. I know you don’t want to waste food when there are hundreds of starving children in the world but stuffing your face is not going to fix their hunger. Pack the leftovers, take them to work or school and let your friends or colleagues gain some weight.

2. Start Eating Healthy Stuff and Stay Committed to It

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Not too many people know this but 80% of weight loss is in diet control. So find a diet that works for you and stick to it. Rather than using a detailed meal plan, simply setting eating rules for yourself like no desserts and no junk food can work wonders.

3. Start an Exercise Routine

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You don’t need to join a gym to start exercising, nor do you need to find a squash buddy. Just wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual, slip on your trainers and head out for a brisk walk. I know hordes of people who lost 8 to 10 pounds a month just by walking 30 minutes a day.

4. 6 Small Meals Instead of 3 Big Ones

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The more you eat, the great your metabolism so rather than sticking to three heavy meals a day, shift to a 6 small meal approach in order to get rid of holiday fat. Start with a light breakfast followed by a mid morning snack. This would lead on to lunch before a mid afternoon snack. Have an early dinner and a small cup of milk before you sleep.

5. Single Portions

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The first portion you serve for yourself is usually sufficient to satisfy your hunger. The second helping is you being greedy. So next time you are having a meal, before you reach out for that second serving, consider if you really need to eat it. Chances are you’ll put the spoon back down on its ladle.

6. Change Your Mindset

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A large part of getting rid of holiday fat is the strength of your will and that comes from your mindset. No private chef, private trainer or other person can make you lose weight if you have not internally decided to do so. So change your mindset and start thinking healthy eating and regular exercise

7. It’s Your Choice

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Its not funny the number of people I talk to who tell me, ‘I can’t help it – when a chocolate cake is front of me, I just can’t resist it’. It’s worthy to remember that you aren’t being abducted by some alien power that is forcing you to eat that cake. You are choosing to eat it. So simply choose not to.

The fact of the matter is that getting rid of holiday weight is as easy as pie once you realize that it is entirely in your control. You control what you eat, you control your exercise routine and you control your temptations. So once you exercise your control, in a few short weeks, you’ll get rid of holiday fat and probably giving all your friends some healthy tips on their weight loss goals.

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