Healthier Menus from Dunkin' Donuts?


Good news for me and all of you who are too busy to prepare their own breakfast in the morning! Now we can order to go food items from Dunkin' Donuts guilt-free!

The store chain promises to make their menus DDSMART: The menu for the better you! They're cutting off 25% of the calories, 25% of the sugar, fat, saturated fat and sodium content of the food items that DD offers to the general public.

You can enjoy Egg White Flatbread Sandwiches - egg white sandwiches which are under 300 calories. If you're a coffee addict, their lattes and espressos have 70% less calorie with skim milk and sugar substitutes.

A reduced calorie Berry Smoothie, sugar-free drinks, the fiber-rich DD Multigrain Bagel can be enjoyed with yummy reduced fat flavored cream cheeses - the list of healthy menus go on - so go crazy in ordering!

This food list actually makes me want to run to a Dunkin' Donuts store to grab a cup of flavored coffee and some blueberry muffins right now! =)