Health: the Hunger Scale

Are you aware of the different stages of hunger? The Hunger Scale is a guideline developed by Bob Greenethat helps you avoid unnecessary eating, thus helping you maintain or achieve your desired weight. This scale provides 10 indicators that will guide you to distinguish between physical, emotional and healthy eating. The basics:

10. Stuffed. You Are so Full You Feel Nauseaus

9. Very Uncomfortably Full. You Need to Loosen Your Clothes

8. Uncomfortably Full. You Feel Bloated

7. Full. a Little Bit Uncomfortable

6. Perfectly Comfortable. You Feel Satisfied

5. Comfortable. You Are More or Less Satisfied, but Could Eat a Little More

4. Slighty Comfortable. You Are Just Beginning to Feel Signs of Hunger

3. Uncomfortably Hungry. Your Stomach is Rumbling

2. Very Uncomfortable. You Feel Irritable and Unable to Concentrate

1. Weak and Light-headed. Your Stomach Acid is Churning

According to this scale, you should eat only when you feel #1-4. If you want to lose weight "5" is your max. More info.

Stay under 5 and have a healthy week!