Health: Getting Back in Shape in 2007

If your new year's resolution is to get back in shape, N2Shape will help you do just that in a motivating and effective way. N2Shape is owned by Ellen Yates, a local single mompreneur, who has more than 15 years of experience as a personal trainer. Visit her website to learn more about her. The great thing about N2Shape is that for the busy mom, Ellen Yates specializes in in-home personal training. How convenient is that? She can accommodate to any schedule, any fitness level and any health concerns. Ellen Yates will help you get motivated and reach your fitness goals.

Although Ellen Yates, as a single mom, works hard for the money as the song goes, she is a truly sincere personal trainer who strives to help you become healthy in body, mind and spirit. Some of us at Moms' Buzz have come to know Ellen through our kids' schools, and let me tell you, you will love her contagious ENERGY - yes you will get it too - it is part of the deal! This is her contact information: 703-906-4413; N2Shape is offering Moms' Buzz readers a freebie that is personalized to your needs once she knows what your fitness goals are.

Get back in shape in a way that fits your lifestyle!

FYI. Ellen Yates is a proud reader of Moms' Buzz!

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