Have Cleanser, Will Travel ...

OK, one more post about travel beauty and then I'm off to the airport to come home.With this new **carry-your-itty-bitty-travel-size-products-in-an-itty-bitty-baggie rule** in effect on the airlines, the latest challenge is to find the things you like in a tiny size, or transfer them to tiny bottles. My **usual face cleanser** is housed in one of those liquid-to-foam contraptions that you can't exactly dismantle to pour the cleanser into a travel bottle.So, what to do? You're loyal to your cleanser. You find some others in a travel size, but you're afraid that if you use a new product on your trip, your skin will hate it and you'll end up with breakouts, dry patches, hives, clogged pores or other ugliness.I took the plunge this time with a previously untested product, and fortunately it turned out to be a winner. Like the **blotting linens from earlier this week**, this one is also from Boscia.**Boscia Soothing Cleansing Cream** removes your makeup and washes away the day's dirt, oil, and other nastiness associated with spending a day traveling and/or working. It's quite creamy, so it doesn't really produce foam like many other cleansers, but rest assured that it's doing its job. Soothing Cleansing Cream counts chamomile, willowherb, carrot root, and jojoba leaf among its ingredients, and true to its word, it left my skin smooth and soft without even a hint of redness, dryness, or that "tight" feeling. The 4 oz. size is available at Sephora for $21, and the travel size that I used is available in the **Passport to Beauty: Comfort Cruise to Lineless Skin** set for $42. Not sure about the full size, but the travel size includes a removable ring on the neck of the bottle, to keep it from squirting product into your bag while in transit. Also...the set includes those fabulous **Lavender blotting linens**! [...]

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