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Happy Hours Answers and Music Day 109 ...

By Larissa

**I've got a lot to talk about in this post, so let's get crackin, shall we folks? There will be four phases. Are you psyched?! Are you ready!?


Phase One: DC Blogger Happy Hour Last Night

It's always interesting when you walk into these things and you can feel everyone's eyes on you. 'What blog does he/she write?' Luckily it happens to everyone, so on my second happy hour I was more comfortable (also thanks for coming Bobby!). I'm the token virgin. I'm used to it ;-). **
Just like my first HH, I chatted up **I-66 -- he and **Kathryn** are quite the hosting duo after all. I'm surprised he wasn't driving around the streets of DC like a fiend now that he's got his license back. Look out folks! This man is on a Roy Rogers mission! Who knew there were even Roy Rogers around here still? I-66 does. Hit him up and he'll be sure to rattle off the DC area locations for ya, that is if he's not busy kissing **RoarSavage's FUPA**.

I had the pleasure of meeting **Heather B.** (ecstatic girly hugs), **Nicole** (who was carrying around a toxic appearing drink), **Diet Coke of Evil**, **Circle V**, **DC Cookie**, **Home Improvement Ninja** (salsa dancer extraordinaire), Ghetto Dad (send me your link!) and **Tyler**. Got to see some familiar folks like **DCB** (and his 'intern' Sally who seems like a really cool chick), **Joe**, Jeff (whose cards were pretty cool lookin' I should add) and the fab **LawRah**. Also got to meet **VK** who was trying to be incognito by sitting at the bar with a hood over his head (dude, that's how I spotted ya!). It was nice tho when he literally 'had my back' when this creepo wouldn't leave me alone. Thanks again dude.

Oh and did I mention there was a band playing some 80s tunes? This makes for a very happy V.

Phase Two: Answering Your Questions. **
**This week I'm taking those on that Horse threw at me, I'll tackle others next week. Have any more for me? Bring it on baby!

What do you think will happen when you lose your virginity?
It will bring about world peace, if only for five seconds. The entire globe will pause and rejoice in various tongues, 'Finally!' Okay, I'll stop kidding. Seriously I don't think much will change. I'll stop being terrified of drinking games like 'Never Have I Ever' (although I'm still hoping this game will go away before then). Maybe I'll have someone I care about, maybe I won't. Either way I'll know I didn't rid myself of 'it' just because of the (unwarranted) social stigma that people attach to it...Hmm...think I like the 'world peace' answer better. Very Miss Universe. I could be Miss Virgin Isl--geez these jokes are awful and oh so bad. Maybe losing the V will make me stop these jokes! Somehow tho, I doubt it.**
When the conditions are right, how will you know?
**I'll just know. In the past, I thought there was a guy I'd lose it to. We just had that thing -- that chemistry. Or so I thought. I would have handed it over to him, no problema. Too bad he was just out of a relationship, and when he found out that I was a V he started advising me on how 'sex brings so much more to a relationship, and it complicates things as well.' Duh, I'm a virgin, not a moron. Too bad he became afraid to come near me. Sigh. **
When you imagine it happening, can you characterize the person you imagine it happening with? Shoes? Underwear? Facial features? How should he feel about you?

Shoes? Really? Never thought about that. I'm assuming they'd be off? Underwear? I'm assuming that would be off as well? ;-). In terms of facial features, I'd imagine him having a scruffy chin and tousled/messy hair. I'm also a sucker for eyes: blues, greens and hazels that I could get lost in. In terms of how he should feel about me, he should care. He doesn't need to be the love of my life (goodness that's a whole nother countdown) but someone that gets it. He'll be understanding, kind, and considerate.**

What are your nonsexual goals in life?
**As I was telling Kathryn and Sally last night, I really want to start working with a non-profit. Call me a cheeseball, but I have that 'give back to the community' need that has to be filled. I love the buzz you get from doing good deeds, why not do it for a living?

What do you see yourself doing where you really enjoy yourself?
Dancing to 80s music without any dance fishers!

Do you think a man can make you feel this way? Would you have sex with one who could?

Sure, but the thing is I don't rely on a guy to make me feel this way. (This could be part of the 'problem'). Sometimes I think I'm a little too independent for my own good. I'm the opposite of needy, which can be intimidating. So a guy that could make me feel that high I experience when I'm shaking my booty to the Pet Shop Boys' 'West End Girls' or doing good, yeah he'd be welcome. Would I have sex with this hypothetical man? Possibly, but remember this is also where chemistry and attraction play important roles.

Phase Three: I'm It. **
Well, **NotCharlotte**** tagged me, so here are my answers.

My nickname: This blog has resulted in people calling me V or L Boogie (thanks VK), but before that my pops gave me the nickname Puddn'head. For a long time I didn't get it. Then I read 'Puddn'head Wilson' by Mark Twain in college...Apparently he's the town idiot who turns out to be a genius. He's quirky and does things his own way...Hmm... **
My hometown: Richmond

My team: Yeah, not the biggest sports fanatic. I'm coming up short on this one. I used to be a big Atlanta Braves fan as a kid. I went to a game in Atlanta once, and the first baseman (at the time) Fred McGriff threw me a baseball. Pretty cool. My sister was soooo jealous. I still have the ball.

My theme song: It sounds sadder than it really is but 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' by Yes. It just always pumps me up when I hear it, like a big change in my life is on its way. 'Be yourself! Give your free will a chance! You've got to work to succeed!'

My drinks: Amstel, Bud...pretty much beer.

My spare time: Movies, music, friends, 24 and Footballers Wives (my latest BBC America habit!)

My hiding spot: My friends.

My books: 'The Valley of the Dolls,' 'The Bell Jar,' 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'

My [fake] heroes: Edgar in 24. R.I.P.

My [real] heroes: My folks (yeah it's corny, so deal with it), the people rebuilding their lives in New Orleans (again corny, but I don't care!), also Kate the founder of YouthAIDS.

My tags: Desperate Guy, NML, Heather B. and RoarSavage

Phase Four:
If you haven't already check out Pandora. It's a free online radio that asks you to suggest a song and it builds a playlist of stuff that you'll probably like. It's my new addiction. Well that and crack. Kidding, just seeing if you got this far ;-).


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