Happy Hour: Legaris Crianza Ribera Del Duero 2003


A few weeks ago I rushed into my favorite local wine shop (I can't tell you how great it is to have a local wine shop!) and announced to the always amazing Jason, that I needed something red that would pair wonderfully with tapas. My sister was home and my dad and I were having a Spanish tapa fiesta. Jason - who is totally in the know with all things wine and good buddies with George Lucas' personal sommelier - showed me the perfect bottle. An aged red from the northwest central region of Spain, the bottle's label was surprisingly simple. When I arrived home bottle in hand, I was devastated to see my sister had stopped at Cost Plus and had picked up a bottle of Malbec for dinner. She had already poured a glass, so the Legaris Crianza went into the cellar.

Fast forward to National Grilled Cheese Day when my bff Emily was over for wine and grilled cheese. We opened the Legaris and were absolutely amazed. I loved this smooth wine with a silky texture and plum undertones. It's a very balanced red that slides down the throat and is far from over-powering with berry notes lingering on the finish. I asked Emily to pour me what I thought was my second glass and we were both shocked to see we had finished the entire bottle without even noticing! If you are looking for a radiant red to pair with a Spanish style menu, I highly suggest trying this wine - I know I'm definitely having it again!

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