Happy Hour: Jell-O Shots Three Ways


I seriously thought I'd make it out of my 20s without ever having made Jell-O shots. However, sometimes a party calls for a little extra fun.

Last week I was pulled aside and asked if I could make 60 Jell-O shots by the next day. Being YumSugar, I said sure thing, no problem; it wasn't until later that I went into panic mode. Jell-O shots? Seriously? How do I make them? What's the correct ratio? What do I serve them in? After a few minutes on Google, the panic went away, and soon I had several unpredictable flavors and a clever serving tip. So I bought my supplies, spent an hour in the kitchen, and the next day there were Jell-O shots in three flavors: margarita, classic cherry, and spiked tropical punch.

If you've always wanted to try Jell-O shots, get my recipes and tips on how to serve when you

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