Happy Hour: Bing Cherry Margarita

Last week Yum and I found ourselves enjoying pizza, cocktails, and the Argentina vs. Mexico soccer game. The pizza was a little too soft for our liking, but both the game and the cocktails went above and beyond our expectations. I had spent the day thinking about cherries and was delighted to see one of the seasonal specialty cocktails was a cherry margarita! Cherries muddled with tequila and lime juice served on the rocks with a lime zest salted rim sounded like heaven. It was slightly disappointing when the finished drink was made with a pureed cherry syrup rather than muddled cherries, but it was still cool, refreshing, and delicious. The lime zest really added a tasty zing to the salted rim, and if you love tequila you will definitely delight in this cocktail. Give this drink a whirl when you get bored with the regular old lemon-lime margs. To get the recipe,

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