'hancock' Filming on Hollywood Blvd!

good morning! so they've blocked off a big section of hollywood blvd for three days (starting yesterday) to film scenes for the upcoming will smith movie hancock which also stars charlize theron & jason bateman! before i left work last night i took a few pictures of the action going on outside the window - mr. smith was laying in a pile of street rubble and then proceeded to chase ms. theron around - both of them getting in some kind of argument - i know the film revolves around a down on his luck superhero (smith) who hires an image consultant (bateman) to improve his superhero standing but finds himself having an affair with his wife (theron) the film is directed by peter berg and is due for release next july...i wonder how it'll turn out? the project has been languishing in hollywood since '96 and had a number of directors attached to it before mr. berg took over...anyways as much as i love to see stuff like this - it's a total pain in the ass when the blvd is blocked off - which always causes traffic jams galore - oh good times! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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