Half a Million That is an Absolutely


Half a Million

That is an absolutely enormous number. Especially when it`s dollars. Especially when it`s approximately how much I`m now in debt.

It isn`t what you thing. I did not take out a bond loan to keep me on the streets after a stress-induced crime spree. I bought a house.

Ho-ly Shit.

The thing that`s amazing about buying property is how willing the mortgage companies are to take your word that you are good for this enormous amount of money...over the next 30 some odd years. Interestingly, while I have no idea what else will be happening in my life 30 years from now, I do know that I will be paying off the last of my law school loans, and potentially, this mortgage.

I think I`d rather have certainty that in 30 years, I will be happilly relaxing on my 50 foot yacht in the caribbean, enjoying the fruits of retirement.

In any case, the house purchase has essentially taken over every waking thought. LP, although interested and excited about this whole process, is ready to throttle both of us if we have one more house-related conversation.

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