Hair Care Tips for Women

Hair Care Diet: Protein will give the shaft of your hair more strength, and will reduce the likelihood of dame through snapping and splitting. You can get protein from foods like fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereals.

Washing Routine: Your hair-type will determine your cleansing routine, some of you may need to shampoo daily, others every other day, others even once a week. Use your fingertips, and never your nails, to gently scrub your scalp. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly in order to get all of the soap out and then maximize the shine.

Combing: To begin with combing, first separate hair into small sections. Untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb, carefully work from the ends in a downward direction only. Do not pull or yank hair. Brush hair only when dry. Even when hair is dry always comb before brushing. For long hair past your shoulders use a thick, loose toothed brushed or a big round ceramic brush to help you blow dry you long hair straight.

Drying: Air-dry whenever possible. Try to minimize the use of blow dryer as the strong heat tends to damage the hair, also the moisture lost makes them look rough and lifeless. Choose a hairstyle that will let your hair fall naturally.

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