Gwen Stefani Loves to Print!


hey hey! has anybody seen those commercials running that feature gwen stefani and hp printing?!? (it's embedded below in case you missed it) i knew she had her fingers in a lot of things but not paper & printers! (she must have gotten quite a nice paycheck from appearing on behalf of the company...) i must say though i loved the ad and i had no clue what it was for until the end! there's even a whole mini-site over at where you can do a variety of things (all involve printing...of course) including making your own custom gwen inspired paper dolls or you can pick from a few of ms. stefani's designs to make cards or even CD labels - it's all pretty nifty and once again anything gwen does is usually kinda cool - printing never seemed very glamorous until now! (ok that might be a little over dramatic on my part but you guys already know that if i were a girl - i'd want to be just like ms. stefani!) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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