I still laugh at the brilliant description of Lo's "Goach" bag on Laguna Beach (c' know you watch). A knock off Coach looking bag with a Gucci label. Granted, the "Goach" was a fake purchased with hopes of seeming authentic. This bag, I'm dubbing it the "Gutegga" doesn't aspire to fool onlookers at alk. In fact, it may leave some asking where you got it.

The braided handles, attached to straps which hug the teardrop shaped body are very evocative of the Gucci Pelham. And the bag, in a woven leather, interestingly done in a fine and more bold width, is surely going to draw more than one Botegga enthusiast in. However, the differences are enough to make this bag stand on it's own.

The leather is distressed lending the bag a rough hewn quality, and the straps wisely cover up the seams dividing the 2 weaves. I like the simplicity of limiting the metal to a few brass studs, and using leather and monochromatic hardware. The bag itself is a grey-green which is unusual, in a season of neutrals and brights.

The bag is $478 from Delfino , which is also the manufacturer. While I haven't seen this particular bag in person, Delfino has a store in my neighborhood, and I have always found their private label bags to be very good quality (I actually have a Delfino brown duffel which I bought in the mid 80's which still looks great).

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