Gucci's Japan Relief Bracelet...

Since a set of powerful earthquakes and tsunamis devastated Japan last month, Gucci and its parent company, the PPR Group, have raised over $3,000,000 USD for the relief effort β€” but that's not enough! Today, Gucci will begin selling this gorgeous new bracelet in its retail stores in Japan, and all of the proceeds will benefit the Japanese Red Cross.

The limited edition bracelet, which retails for $100 USD, features a woven band of red and white fibers, inspired by the colors of the Japanese flag. Though it's one-size-fits-all, the band is adjustable, finished with a silver buckle and white leather trim. In the middle is a round charm bearing the simple statement,"Gucci Loves You."

The bracelet will launch today in Japan, but the designer also plans to sell the bracelets worldwide, in its retail stores across the globe, so we can all show our support (while looking incredibly stylish). Though there have been dozens of tees and accessories to benefit the relief effort in Japan, including a rubber bracelet by Lady Gaga and a tee by Anna Sui, this is, in my opinion, the one item you could wear forever, so you'll always remember.

Photo Credit: Gucci

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